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Infographic summarizing the Ghost Gear 2020 Report.

Comprehensive Report: The State of Abandoned, Lost, and Discarded Fishing Gear in the Canadian Maritimes (2020)

This report details the national and regional efforts surrounding abandoned, lost, and discarded fishing gear (ALDFG), often referred to as “ghost gear.” It also presents researched insights into potential solutions for ALDFG prevention and its mitigation. Each chapter includes specific thematic recommendations, culminating in summarized recommendations. 

This comprehensive report:

  • Overviews of national and regional strategies for managing ALDFG.
  • Compiles an index of ongoing, completed, and planned ALDFG projects across Canada.
  • Review relevant facilities and manufacturers in each region while discussing the potential application of recycling mechanisms and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in the future.
  • Details the extent of ALDFG in the Maritimes and Gulf regions, comparing challenges, issues, and potential solutions across different regions.

This report was funded by WWF-Canada with generous support from Loblaw Companies Limited.

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