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Our Member Organizations

We’re thankful for the effort and involvement of these organizations. With their help, we’re better able to achieve the goals we’ve collectively set.

We create waves of change—together.

We believe in the power of collective action to bring about meaningful change. Our dedicated members are actively engaged in various action teams, each focused on specific goals that contribute to our mission of promoting sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices and ocean health. Each action team reports their progress to the FGCAC during regular member meetings and submits written updates to the FGCAC Coordinator on a quarterly basis. These reports culminate in our Annual Report, reflecting the collective impact of our action teams at the close of each fiscal year. Through the commitment and collaboration of our action teams, the Fishing Gear Coalition of Atlantic Canada continues to pave the way for sustainable practices and a healthier ocean ecosystem.

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Action Teams

We have multiple Action Teams who are currently tackling different challenges or have met their goals regarding fishing and aquaculture gear. Our Action Teams are created and supported as needed when needed.

A map icon for the Hotspot Mapping Action Team

Goal: enhancing efficiency, efficacy and, safety at-sea

By collaborating closely with rights holders, stakeholders, and local experts, this team is refining and expanding hotspot maps (also known as ‘gear loss areas’) in Atlantic Canada and Québec. This initiative is increasing the efficiency of retrieval efforts and enhancing safety best practices for all involved.

A recycling icon for the Recycling Action Team

Goal: Seek recycling opportunities and solve recycling challenges

This team aims to identify end-of-life fishing and aquaculture gear recyclers that can support Atlantic Canada and Québec’s responsible management needs.

A phone icon for the Communications Action Team

Goal: Improving internal communications and external outreach

Through presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we’re increasing our visibility and sharing the story of our mission with the public. This strategic alignment ensures that both FGCAC members and the wider community understand our objectives and impact.