Alexa Goodman, Ghost net removal at Ministers Island, St. Andrews NB, August 2018
Members of the Coalition have the following principal responsibilities
  1. To do what you can to support and actively participate in the progress of your Action Plan;
  2. To identify issues and provide plausible solutions associated with your Action Plan;
  3. To be respectful of Members’ suggestions.

Commitment Required (Active Members)

The anticipated time commitment for participation in the Coalition is 3 to 10 hours per month, depending on the desired engagement with the Coalition’s activities. This estimate includes time spent preparing for and attending meetings and follow-through on any action items the member agrees to take on during a meeting. Other opportunities for supporting your Action Group may arise over the course of the year, but these will be purely voluntary for Action Group members who wish to take on additional work.

Each member is expected to attend the main FGCAC call each month if possible; they take place on the second to last Wednesday of each month at 2 PM AST via Uber Conference Calls. Members may also wish to join Action Teams, which have separate calls on an as-needed basis. 

Action Team Leads are expected to schedule and chair team meetings on an as-needed basis, and report back to the FGCAC on main calls. They are expected to report to the Coalition Coordinator in writing on a quarterly basis. The anticipated time commitment for a team lead is an additional 5 hours a month.


The Coalition will have two Co-Chairs from among its Members. The Co-Chairs shall hold office for a period of one year from the date of election or for the remainder of his/her term of office as a member of the Coalition, whichever is less. The Co-Chairs may be re-elected for a second term by a simple majority.

If one Co-Chair is absent, the other will act as Chairperson for the teleconference meetings.

Commitment Required

As listed in the “Member Commitment Required” section above, plus 2-4 additional hours of their time to include:

  • Creating and circulating the teleconference agendas;
  • Provisioning of the teleconference line to conduct the meetings;
  • Facilitating the teleconference meetings;
  • Representing the Coalition in other meetings/activities as requested by Clean Foundation.


The Coalition will have one Coordinator from among its Members. The Coordinator will serve for a period of one year from the date of acceptance or for the remainder of his/her term as a member of the Coalition, whichever is less.

Commitment Required

As listed in the “Member Commitment Required” section above, plus 3.5 additional hours of their time each week to include:

  • Recording and circulating the teleconference minutes/notes;
  • Scheduling, sending out and managing email calendar invitations of teleconference meetings;
  • Managing email communications with members and prospective members;
  • Keeping members up to date on relevant information
  • Managing the website;
  • Managing membership and Action Teams – keeping up to date rosters and contact information;
  • Checking-in with Action Team Leads on a quarterly basis; 
  • Creating an annual report;
  • Any other administrative tasks necessary.

Current Leadership Roles

Aaron Stevenson, Co-Chair, Executive Director

Alexa Goodman, Co-Chair, Coordinator & Researcher

Meeting Schedule 

The Coalition will have teleconference meetings once per month on a date to be agreed upon between Members. Coordination of the Coalition’s activity between meetings will be conducted principally by email, with supplementary phone calls as required.

Resources and Support

The Action Group will be responsible for the necessary resources to fulfil its action steps, including the provision of remote conferencing capabilities and any equipment or materials needed to conduct the meetings. 

Participation in the Coalition is voluntary, and work associated with the Coalition is in-kind, with the exception of the Coordinator, who is contracted.


It is anticipated that the group will use consensus to make decisions and work in a mutually respectful way. But where necessary the Coalition shall follow the Rules of Order.


Half of the members present during scheduled teleconference meetings constitutes a quorum.


Resignations must be submitted to the Co-Chairs by email.


If three consecutive meetings are missed without regrets being communicated to the Co-Chairs then membership of the Coalition will have been forfeited and a new Member may be selected by the remaining Members. Members that cannot attend or participate in the meeting will be required to notify Co-Chairs a week prior to the scheduled meeting and either:

  1. Send an email to all current Members with updates on their action items and their comments on recently uploaded documents to the Google Drive; or
  2. Designate an alternate to participate in the meeting in their place and provide said person with their updates on action items and comments on recently uploaded documents to the Google Drive to present to the other Members during the meeting.