2020-2021 Co-Chairs
FGCAC Co-Chair

Alexa Goodman

Alexa Goodman is considered as a regional ALDFG expert in Atlantic Canada with publications on the subject in Marine Pollution Bulletin (Goodman et al., 2020) and in Ocean and Coastal Management (Goodman et al., 2019), and numerous media engagements. They completed a Master of Marine Management at Dalhousie University, with a background in marine biology and environmental sustainability (BSc.), where their research focused on managing abandoned, lost, and discarded lobster fishing gear in the Bay of Fundy. Alexa Co-Chair’s the FGCAC since 2019 and has completed the Comprehensive Report for the Coalition overviewing the State of ALDFG in the Canadian Maritimes.

Alexa is currently working with MEOPAR as their Training Program Manager, and has worked with Coastal Action as their Ghost Gear Project Coordinator, with Fundy North Fishermen’s Association on their Ghost Gear Retrieval Project, and on with Atlantic Catch Data as a fisheries observer on George’s Bank. Alexa has also worked as a research assistant with the Marine Affairs Program and School for Resource and Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University as well as with the Nova Scotia Community College on aquaculture and marine debris related projects. They’ve been a Sustainable Oceans Alliance Youth Leader since 2019, and are passionate about doing good for our planet and its people.

FGCAC Co-Chair and Executive Director

Aaron Stevenson

Aaron Stevenson (CEO & Co-Founder of Ashored Inc.) has a background in start-up development, management, information and communication technology, marketing, and aquaculture. Aaron has a Master’s degree in Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Saint Mary’s University, a Diploma in Computer Systems and Networks (JOT, 2000) and graduated with a Diploma in Marine Diesel Mechanics (NBCC, 1998). For Ashored, Aaron is responsible for Ashored’s growth strategy, vision, investor relations, partnership strategy, team leadership, industry thought leadership, and other key business activities.

Aaron and the Ashored Team have been featured on Bloomberg BNN, CTV National News, CBC News, Globe and Mail, CBC Radio, Entrevestor.com, Chronicle Herald, All Nova Scotia.com and Seafood Source News among others.